Reliable service quality that pays off for you

NP Trading GmbH is your expert partner with intimate knowledge of the major challenges facing the bus industry. A bus belongs on the road – downtime not only costs money but can damage the competitiveness of your company.

The efficient service and expert support provided by our highly skilled team of specialists will help you deal with any problem. We don’t see ourselves as a fast-turnover “parts dealer”, but rather as a trusted specialist dealer offering advice and all-round service.

Thanks to our process-optimized warehouse logistics (SAP R/3), we have a large number of original spare parts in stock and are thus able to supply at short notice.

This is our understanding of service:

  • Personal support from trained specialists
  • Help with technical problems
  • Transparent order processing
  • Process-optimized warehouse logistics (SAP R/3)
  • Just-in-time delivery